Every Child Should Have Access

Laptop Scholarships

Providing brand new laptops to less fortunate 12th Graders who graduate and enroll in college. The laptops include warranty extensions to protect against spills and accidents in order to increase the likelihood it remain effective the entire four years.

Ipads for Learning

Our hope is to provide high-speed internet access and Ipads for learning and homework to children in the First AME Church After School Program in Gary Indiana. This program has a vision of spreading into other After School programs that house minority children who live in technological deficit.

Science Field Trips

Exposure is the key to dreaming big. We want the opportunity to take children who have often never left their city or ridden on a plane, and give them the opportunity to explore museums around the country that encourage science and creativity.

Gary, Indiana Is Only The Beginning

Gary, Indiana is currently suffering a financial crisis in it’s public school department.  As a result, resources have become limited and programs encouraging creative thinking are become fewer.  Computers are few and the opportunities for children to be exposed to technology are sparse.  Not only does this provide more than adequate opportunity to create an impact, but it also serves as the perfect model for other public school systems who also suffer from limited resources.

This is only the beginning.  As we grow, we are committed to taking technology everywhere!